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by Eugene Ionesco

Translated by Derek Prouse

Part of the IONESCO FESTIVAL Read an essay on the play, wriiten by the dramaturg, Karen Ott

Directed by Edward Einhorn
Produced by David Einhorn

Assistant Director: Russell Kaplan
Stage Managers: Ruth Lahti, Yanik Fernandez
Dramaturg: Karen Ott
Set Designer: Jennifer Collins
Assistant Set Designer: Judy L. Coburn
Costume Designer: Carla Gant
Lighting Designer: Matthew Gray
Sound: Tim Wright

Housewife: Meg Brooker
Jean: Peter Brown
Grocer's Wife/Mrs. Boeuf: Stacia French
Dudard/Logician: David Hilder
Botard/Old Gentleman: George McGrath
Daisy: Celia Montgomery
Berenger: Andrew Price
Waitress: Shelley Ray
Papillon/Grocer: Ken Simon

Performances at The Connelly Theater,
220 E. 4th St, between A & B
Ticket $15
Thursday September 6 at 6:30
Saturday September 8 at 8:30
Monday September 10 at 8:00
Saturday September 15 at 2:00
Friday September 21 at 8:00
Saturday September 22 at 2:00
Tuesday September 25 at 8:00
Saturday September 29 at 9:00

Untitled Theater Company #61 presents Ionesco tragic farce about conformity and pachyderms. This production highlights the theatricality of the piece while allowing the ominous comedy of the lines to simmer beneath. One of Ionesco’s most popular plays, this production is a highlight of the Ionesco Festival, the first ever complete festival of Ionesco’s work.

Berenger, the hero (or anti-hero), lives in a world that doesn’t make sense to him. So when people start turning into rhinoceroses, it is not a total surprise. What starts as a plague becomes socially desirable, and soon everyone from Berenger’s office colleagues to his closest friend succumb. Berenger continues on as one of the last humans, unwilling, and ultimately unable, to change. The play was written originally as a reaction to Nazism and political conformity, although its implications about the human condition are more broad ranging. The story is told in Ionesco’s typically absurdist style, full of existential musings and bizarre humor.

"Entertaining, engrossing and amusing"
Back Stage October 25, 2001

"The show to see"
WNYC "Morning Edition" September 28, 2001

"A dark and giddy satire on conformism that was given a delirious, hilarious Untitled Theater Company production directed by Einhorn himself. The casting, in particular, was spot-on, with Peter Brown deploying a deadpan bitterness to perfect effect as the caustic snob Jean."
Theater Mania

"The lively cast...is enjoyable to watch onstage and provides considerable entertainment"
Show Business Weekly September 16, 2001

"No mere highlight can convey the cumulative force of Rhinoceros... Performances are quite good...Einhorn's staging is straightforward and attentive, making good use of the venue's features. "
Curtain Up

"A deceptively quirky tale...featuring a nice ensemble cast and an appropriate dose of oddly incarnated rhinoceroses."
Electronic Link