Strangers and Linguish

Presented by:
Untitled Theater Co. #61

Written by:
Edward Einhorn

Directed by:
Edward Einhorn

Neurological Condition:
Amnesia (Korsakov's Syndrome) and Aphasia

Running time:
2 hours, with intermission

Linguish posits a disease which causes aphasia, the neurological disorder that takes away one's ability to use language. Four relative strangers are among the first to be affected, and are thrown together in quarantine. As the disease affects them, they are forced to try to find new ways to communicate. In Strangers a man and a woman are in what seems to be a waiting room. Is it a doctor's waiting room? If so, what's wrong?


"The first part, a two-hander pregnant with Pinter-esque pauses, manages to convey the numbing repetitiveness and frustration of life with an amnesiac. The second, an inspired absurdist comedy, follows four strangers infected with a mysterious form of aphasia who are quarantined in a No Exit bunker. Literally at a loss for words, they must invent a new language in order to communicate—or to keep from going crazy. Side effects may include hilarity, we are told (it's definitely contagious)." The Village Voice, 2006

"The dialogue is a slow burn of wit, un-canniness, seduction, and just the right amount of heart-wrenching...[Peter Bean] possesses an unsettling, calm-before-the-storm quality, as well as a muted sensuality, that makes him a fun and unpredictable fixation. If the other offerings of NEUROfest are as novel and cerebral as Strangers and Linguish, one might be obligated to make repeat visits." Theater Talk

"NEUROfest's presentation of Strangers and Linguish has captivated me to the point where I'm gunning to buy a NeuroPass. Strangers...is an extremely well-acted and poignant study of amnesia but Linguish - a witty look at aphasia (the fascinating, terrifying neurological condition that robs one's ability to use language) - is the real star of the twin performances. The play is worth seeing for the brilliant ensemble alone, but the inventive bit of scientific license that describes the disease as an insidious virus is really what makes this show remarkable. " L Magazine

"Touching, stark, and entirely unsentimental, Strangers is a smart, mature, highly effective one-act drama. Peter Bean gives one of his trademark excellent performances...Nancy Nagrant does excellent work as Sylvia, serving as both our guide into Richard's muddied consciousness as well as our surrogate...Josephine Cashman is luminous and warm as a psychologist...Both plays are neatly staged by Einhorn and feature effective production values" nytheatre.com

"It is unique to find a complete ensemble performing at such an extraordinary level of skill. " Hi Drama

"Edward Einhorn combines Beckett's absurd landscape with Mac Wellman's verbal Cuisinarting, and Oliver Sacks' ruminations into neuro-dysfunctions for his oddly entertaining foray into aphasia, euphoria, and euphony." The Village Voice, 1997

"A well-written, well-acted meeting of Kafka and Oliver Sacks." New England Review

Peter Bean*
Josephine Cashman*
Uma Incrocci*
Nancy Nagrant
Ken Simon
Maxwell Zener

*Member of Actors Equity Association

Production Team:
Original Music: William Niederkorn
Set/Lighting Design: Alex Senchak
Costume Designer: Carla Gant
Stage Manager: Courtney Sweeting
Assistant Stage Manager: Jodi Lynn Katz


Maxwell Zener and Josephine Cashman in Linguish.


Nancy Nagrant and Peter Bean in Strangers.

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