Tabula Rasa

Presented by:
High Fidelity Theater

Written by:
Text and Lyrics by Robert Lawson
Music by Henry Akona

Directed by:
Henry Akona

Neurological Condition:

Running time:
2 hours 15 minutes, with intermission

An opera/theater work of three interlocking stories about children lost in the woods: Victor, a.k.a., The Wild Boy of Aveyron, a feral child found in France in 1800 after having spent his formative years in the wild and now lost in a forest of 'civilization'; Emily, a contemporary girl with Autism lost in a forest of antidepressants; and Hansel and Gretel of storybook fame, literally abandoned in the forest. Tabula Rasa examines the effects of nature and nurture, and the fundamental meaning of language and human relationships.


"The superb Tabula Rasa (translated Clean Slate), written by Robert Lawson, with music by Henry Akona and Robert Lawson, and with appropriately enigmatic direction by Henry Akona, is a delectably gruesome experimental musical." Hi Drama

"Is the mind really a blank slate? That mystery is the subject of Tabula Rasa... It's Into the Woods for psych majors. There are some funny and profound lines along the way." Backstage

"The first act, mostly through-sung, is quite lovely; Akona and Lawson's score is definitely one of the show's strengths." nytheatre.com

Ilana Becker
Jeffrey Beiter
Andrea Biggs
Madelene DeLeon
Alana DiMaria
Fernando Gonzalez
Kyle Groff
John Keitel*
Tommy Schoffler*
Nadia Taalbi
Erik White
Liz Wisan
Catherine Yeager*
Sadie Rose Zavgren

*Member of Actors Equity Association


Production Team:
Music Director:
Fight/Violence Director: Dan Zisson
Set Designer: Henry Akona
Costumer Designer: Nadia Taalbi
Props Designer: Corey Mitchner
Lighting Consultant: DJ Potter

German Dialect Coach: Adrian Prohaska
French Dialect Coach: Antoine Lutens

Lightboard Operator: Jodi Lynn Katz

Graphic Designer: Margaret Baker-Salmon
Photographer: Antoine Lutens

Autism, myth, opera

"The mind is but a piece of paper ... waiting to be written on."


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